Trey Love

A boy who has
touched the
hearts of many.

Family and friends of Trey Love say he's touched more hearts in his 4 short years than some people touch in a lifetime.

Now the little boy from Royersford with the rockstar name, and yes it's his real name, needs the love, prayers, and generosity of others more than ever.


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It’s with extreme pride that we announce Team Trey’s involvement in the 2011 Phoenixville Dogwood Festival. Thanks to the effortless work of many members of our Team, we will have a merchandise booth available each night of the fair (beginning tonight, May 16th and running until Saturday, May 21st) as well as a Team Trey float in the parade on Saturday.

Team Trey decided to participate in the Dogwood Festival for one specific reason… to say THANK YOU to the community that embraced, loved, and supported our Little Fighter for the past 6 weeks. Without YOU we wouldn’t be seeing all of these happy pictures of Trey in Disney.

We would like to extend merchandise specials to you daily at the fair. All merchandise and sizes will be available so please stop by our booth. Also, on Saturday, be sure to look for us in the Dogwood Parade! While the design of our float will remain a surprise, we will have several of Trey’s “little friends”, Trey’s GG, and members of Team Trey riding and walking along side.

Dogwood Festival
Reeves Park, Phoenixville
Monday to Friday 6pm to 10pm
Saturday 12pm to 10pm







Let the Memories Begin!
May 12, 2011

Dear faithful followers,

Good evening! Trey completed his radiation treatments at CHOP last Friday. The side effects from his treatments took an extreme toll on his body, causing Trey to become very sick. Trey has also lost most of his hair. Yet this brave hero continues to smile and fight this monster with all that he has. After completing treatments last week, Trey spent the weekend (Mother's Day and his mommy's 30th birthday) at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. He was able to spend time at an Orioles ball game, visiting the aquarium, eating at fabulous restaurants, walking around the harbor, and having fun with family and friends.

Incase you aren't familiar with the title of this bulletin, "Let the Memories Begin," it is the slogan for Walt Disney World. :) Trey and his parents are currently on an airplane headed to their Disney vacation. A vacation that 5 weeks ago was only a dream.

Just 5 weeks ago I wrote this message to you, "Currently, Trey cannot talk or move the right side of his body. He cannot eat. When Trey is not in a morphine induced state, he is screaming, frustrated, scared, angry, and flailing the working side of his body. Mike and Missy want to be by Trey’s side without the concerns of a financial burden. They also have a dream of taking their son to Disney World. They want him to see the castle out his hotel window, watch the fireworks, feel the warm sun on his face, and place his feet in the sand. When I asked Missy what she wanted to happen on her trip she replied, “The only thing that comes to my mind is to hear Trey laughing.”

That was 5 weeks ago... and now, our little fighter is walking, chomping down his favorite foods, communicating, laughing, playing with friends, and presently on board an airplane to the most magical place on Earth. Something we didn't even know could be a possibility, let alone something he would be well enough to enjoy. Yes, this is made possible by medicine and doctors. But one would be crazy not to believe that this has more to do with the awesome power of prayer and God's miraculous work. This trip is also possible because of YOU. Your endless support, donations, and well wishes. Please know that these memories will occur this week because of you.

Thank you to all of you, and to our special anonymous donor, for making the Love family's dream come true. While Trey still has a long, uncertain, and frightening road ahead, this small moment of happiness and magic is one BIG gift you have given.

With endless appreciation and gratitude,
Team Trey


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